About Michele Walters...

"Born and bred in Malaysia, I was always surrounded by a variety of cakes and desserts from it’s multi-racial and multi-cultural society. Growing up with a mum who loved to bake, I learned to bake from a very young age helping her with orders which during festivals like Chinese New Year meant making and decorating thousands of cookies and lots of cakes!

After many years working as a software developer and systems engineer in the computer industry (yup! I was one of those geeks) and several more in the food and beverage and hotel industry, it was a friend who somehow persuaded me to open a cake business. I did, and I have never looked back since! How could I when I have finally found my passion!"

-  M I C H E L E   W A L T E R S  -International Award Winning
Cake & Sugar Artist

T :   0 1 5 7 2   7 5 6 9 5 7     M :   0 7 5 0 3   4 1 2 3 3 5
8  G R E E N F I E L D   R O A D ,   O A K H A M ,   R U T L A N D ,   L E 1 5   6 P X

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