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Hi, I’m Michele, proud owner of ‘Love Life Eat Cake by Michele Walters’ based in Oakham, Rutland.


Born and bred in Malaysia, I was always surrounded by a variety of cakes and desserts from it’s multi-racial and multi-cultural society. Growing up with a mum who loved to bake, I learned to bake from a very young age helping her with orders which during festivals like Chinese New Year meant making and decorating thousands of cookies and lots of cakes!


However I didn’t follow in my mum’s footsteps until almost three decades later. I spent most of my working life as a software developer and systems engineer before moving into the food and beverage industry. Then I met my Robin Hood and moved halfway across the world. And it was here in the UK that a friend persuaded me to open my own cake business. I did, and I have never looked back since! How could I when I have finally found my passion!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I’d be creating any form of art as it was a subject I was most useless at in school and failed all the time. I am still pretty useless when it comes to painting but I can make pretty sugar flowers and it appears I’m quite good at sculpting too.


I don’t have a particular style and I don’t think I will ever want to restrict myself to just one style. I love creating personalised cakes most, turning each couples unique story into an edible work of art. I love bright and bold colours and love working with non traditional couples who dare to be unique and different.


However that doesn’t mean I shy away from the more traditional designs as I believe your cake should be designed for you and if a traditional wedding cake is what you’d like, rest assured you will receive a luxurious and elegant centrepiece for your big day.

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I don't eat cake!

I know right! What kind of cake maker doesn’t eat cake?? I only ever eat cake when it’s a new recipe that I’m trying out or a new flavour combination. If ever you find me chomping on some cake, it means I’m starving and have nothing else to eat. Give me a tub of chocolate or peanut butter ice cream anytime and I’ll be your best friend forever.


I run... A lot!

During lockdown I decided it would be fun to try and take up running. Bear in mind, I never walked anywhere, not even to my neighbour’s house if I could drive into it! But here I am 3 years later, with a few half and full marathons under my belt and a 50 mile ultra marathon too! When I’m not caking, you can find me  running around Rutland Water or through the streets of Oakham in the brightest sports attire you can find (life is too short to be black and gray everyday) training for another race.

I used to bodybuild!

Now I belly build….
Born into a culture where food is the centre of every family occasion, I love food, fortunately so does my hubby and we are not afraid to try new things so it’s always interesting what we end up eating when we’re on holiday.

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“Michele is a true artist!

We still can’t thank her enough for creating our stunning and absolutely delicious wedding cake. Every step of the process was enjoyable with her, from our very first consultation to seeing the final result, to eating it!

It was more than we could have ever imagined.”

Lauren & Henry

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Photo Credit: Amanda Forman

Delivering wedding cakes

throughout Rutland, Leicestershire,

Cambridgeshire, Nottinghamshire,

Lincolnshire and beyond.


Cake International Gold and 1st place (2019) in the collaboration category with The Sugar Chronicles

Cake International Silver (2018), Bronze (2017) and Merit (2016)  awards in the Wedding Cakes category

Living magazine Cake Business of the Year 2020

Regional Finalist in The Wedding Industry Awards 2021 and 2022

Regional Finalist in the ‘’I do magazine’ Awards 2019

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