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From ‘72 to 22

Back in November 2021, I received a call from Linda about making a Golden Wedding anniversary cake. She wanted a replica of their wedding cake back in 1972. She went on to describe the design of her original cake and I was quite excited as from her description, it was rather unique.

First of all, it was black! I loooove black cakes, such an elegant base for so many possibilities. Then she mentioned pillars and semi circles in different colours….hmmm… obviously I asked her to send me an email with photos.

And this is what I received…..

I LOVED IT! How absolutely unique!

This was the Silver anniversary version and for their Ruby anniversary, she had made a replica herself. So good!

After several emails discussing flavours and fillings plus a box of cake samples later, she finally decided on a Chocolate cake with dark chocolate filling and dark chocolate ganache for the bottom tier, a Lemon cake with lemon curd and white chocolate ganache for the middle tier and a Rich Fruit cake for the top tier.

Fast forward a year and it was time for me to make it. I had managed to get pillars which were not plastic so I could paint them black. The cakes were baked and ganached/marzipan-ed. Then there was the process of colouring the sugarpaste for the semi circles and top of the cakes. The sides of the cakes were panelled with black sugarpaste before adding the top and semi circles around the sides.

And the finished cake! Oh she did ask me to add Monty, their beloved doggo!

Dear Michele

Thank you so much for replicating our original, rather horrible black and rainbow cake from our wedding in 1972! As we said, it was a small act of rebellion on our part and you captured it perfectly, and even more deliciously, with the three layers of different flavours. And as for the little appearance from Monty, our dog, that was so cute!

Everyone loved the cake and we were delighted with the impact it had! Thank you gain for your fun contribution to a fun evening!

Best regards, Linda


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